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Demo Reel Animation

Ladies Make Do

                Ladies Make Do is comprised of five separate sexual anecdotes that illustrate through a playful imagery various ways women’s sexuality tends to be challenged. It is a project meant to say out loud what, at best, women can confide with their closest circle of friends, or at worst, will end up kept shut in a corner of their mind.

    Starting from a comical standpoint, the animation portrays stories aiming to invalidate sexual taboos and dedramatize embarrassing situations, while ending on a cautionary note inciting a sexual consciousness at a time unfortunately still dangerous for women. Because Ladies Make Do is not about girls caught in salacious sex stories but addresses those situations that happen much more often than anyone even suspects during everyone's sexual experience, which can however impact and damage women's self esteem for life simply because these things are still confined as cultural taboos. 

    Ladies Make Do is therefore an attempt to lend a voice to whomever experienced such situations and to understand that the first step towards annihilating these destructive taboos starts with self acceptance, confidence and care.

 Link to film:      Password: Ladies Make Do 1



               Chamomile is an experimental piece made between Toon Boom Harmony and After Effects, in the idea to create an organic and multilayered world in which we witness the repetitive events of a polar bear's life, "Chamomile". The piece was made by Lili Boisrond and Jericho Apollo. 

Gardez le cap

                Gardez le Cap is a stop motion piece made with cut out papers and different objects, reflecting a directional theme, of the four forces and four paths a compass opens. 


                This paint of glass animation, Infinite, was made in the idea to explore the connections in between the elements and use them as means of transitions. 

Usual Monday in the MTA (storyboard)


Usual Monday in the MTA is a short storyboard featuring the New York subway and its commuters.